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While we had the headliner down I added some roof rack reinforcement brackets, re-sealed anything that may be leaking and added some Dynamat to the roof panels. On the last build I adhered Reflectix straight to the interior of the roof panel... but later learned it needs an air gap to work properly. So this time I adhered the Reflectix to the back of the headliner board, which should allow for an air gap between the roof panel and the headliner and help with insulation.

Then I applied the fabric to the board, using a clean paint roller to smooth it out. I wasn't a fan of the dark fabric overhead, so I swapped it out for something lighter.

Wrapping the overhead console was a PITA, and didn't turn out perfect. However, I'm happy with the outcome, especially for the total cost ($100). Next time I would be even more careful when installing it because we did end up with a few finger indentations in the foam.

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