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I am all wore out. I have not made it to bed before midnight for almost two weeks now. I have had a couple set backs with Sadies build, nothing I can't overcome, it just adds time and work. On top of that last Saturday evening coming home my wife spotted a HUGE forest fire a mile down the road at a neighbors place. He was in Oregon and had a locked gate. I raced home, grabbed bolt cutters, and a 1350 gallon brush truck we have here and zipped down there to try and stop it. It was crowning up the trees and spreading fast.
As I ran out I told my wife to call 911 and come down. I was able to slow it and start to make head way when the fire dept 16 miles away showed and same with the DNR wild land fire fighters who also showed and they were 30 miles away. I personally put 2000 gallons on it and also filled the DNR truck water tanks 3 times. It was pretty much insane and right on the edge of getting away from us. Pure luck my wife saw it as we drove past. We would have been evacuated by now.

Today driving to the next town over to get a full sheet of aluminum for the press table, I spotted a fire on a rail line. I ran to it with a dinky water bottle and poured the whole thing on a burning railroad tie. Turns out it was caused by a dragging brake on a train that had just passed. OK thats enough of the fire stuff for me. It is bone dry and has been 99 degrees at the house. I went to Home Depot and bought a large fire extinguisher for the truck. No more fires Mkay?

So all the work I did on Sadies dash pad has failed. I had discovered the 4 way stretch vinyl had shrunk and un-bonded itself. It is a royal mess. It has pulled out from the edges and the defroster holes. It has to come out.
It took me two weeks to get a good used one from someone I know. It is in very good condition and I will put it in shortly. Doing this with the glass in place is going to be very difficult. But I will make it happen.
Take a look. I was pretty bummed to see this.

The other problem was with a new door panel that I was just about done with. I accidentally cut the vinyl with a blade trimming the back side foam.
I was almost done and trust me.... that was a bad day. I now needed to make another half day trip to Spokane to get more vinyl. I just did not have enough. So last Friday was a road trip. I got enough for a couple more mistakes. And by pure accident found a correct planel clip fastener for the back panels. I forgot to take a shot of it with part number, but will post when it goes in.
I no longer use a blade to trim. I use an air sander with a 36 grit roloc and it works well and is safe from a mistake like this. Right on the TOP edge...

So in my absence I have again modified the press table. I took off the 3/4 plywood and put 1 1/8 flooring plywood on in place. Plus today as I mentioned I then put a cover made from 1/8 aluminum sheet. It is very flat and smooth now.

PLUS, I also modifed the stamps. I was getting heat burns and small blisters from the backing metal. Next to the patterns. So I carefully cut out gasket material and using high temp RTV sealant, glued the gasket down to leave only the embossing metal visible. Well it worked perfectly. No more heat damage on the vinyl. Today I was able to finish embossing all interior panels. I will glue them to the backing cards or panels tomorrow. The rear panels came out exceptionally well.

The biggest and hardest stamp to do. Note the new table top.

Modified stamps with gasket material.

It was great to get such good results and solve a visual problem.

So I will post pictures of the interior when it is in. I am waiting on several cans of 3M Cavity Wax. I will be be spraying it inside each door and heavily in both quarter panels especially above the rear wheels. I replaced a poop load of metal, and it won't rust from the inside for years using cavity wax.

I am down to just a couple things left. This build and thread is almost done.

Start making room for Sadie Bill.
Am I done yet?

Holy Moly, I am done.....

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