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Originally Posted by itselliot
Just noticed your A/C install
I also am going that route, but I am putting the cold air outlets in place of the ashtray and clock slots in the dash (1979 J20) are you going with the Gen 4 unit? I see that the sliding controls are same as what I am using...but I'll be mounting them vertically on the left side in place of the old controls.

What model # AC kit did you order?

I'm going with the Gen II. The Gen IV took up too much real estate, and I didn't think I needed that big a system on a pickup cab. If it was a Waggy I'd go with the IV. It was the 68000 unit. Amazon had the best price, you bought the evaporator and they threw in the control panel. I'm mounting the panel where the original panel was in my '87, and putting the heated seat switches next to it.
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