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Wow! I was just complaining about one of my favorite pastimes going away (surfing and selling on CL)! I didn't expect this much conversation!

I am, often times, amazed at the crap people put out on the web. Not even just the facegrams or instabooks, but just out there. I think those social media websites have a lot of good to them. I watch my bride connect to old friends, distant family, etc. but I also watch all the drama around it and risks associated with them and I decided not to. I get why others do, but I'll pass. I'll keep my ifsja account instead.

Recently there was an app that came out and you could take a picture of yourself (or someone else) and it would artificially age you. Not sure why anyone would want to do this but that's not really the issue. When people would download this Russian developed app, they gave it permission to dig alllllll over their phone.
I was also part of the OPM data breech a couple years ago so alllll my info is now out there. I get hacked often, even in stupid ways. About 3 months ago, someone got into my Holiday Inn rewards account, stole all my points, had them turned into a $100 Amazon gift card, and had it shipped to the UK. I caught it in time for it to be stopped but I have to be VERY watchful over my accounts because this stuff happens.
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