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Craigslist is dying

I posted a few items on craigslist for sale for pretty darn cheap. I don't like dealing with flakes so often times I list stuff significantly cheaper than it is worth so I "know" when someone says they are coming to get it, they are really coming.

4 ads posted and I have not gotten a single bite. The wife asks me if I would like her to post them on Facebook marketplace. 3 items sold (with the EXACT same price, pictures, and description) in less than 24 hours, multiple bites on all 3 items (meaning, if someone does flake, i can immediately move on to the second person). In the meantime, still not a single bite on any craigslist ads even though they have been up for a week.

I am sad. I love(d) craigslist. Free, easy to use (both selling and buying), and I don't need a social media account to use it. Anyone else see this going down?
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