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Yes if it still did it when connected directly then your alt is not cutting the mustard.. the battery is only a storage facility. When your engine is running the alt does all the work (as well as charge the batt). I agree with the previos message, you need a bigger alt. And or a new battery if it is old and funky. Ok now I'm am not entirely sure if I have the right info here but I read a post once about how you tell what alternater you have. bye the size of the bolts that hold it onto its bracket.. I belive that if you ahve half inch bolts you have the smaller alternators. if the bolts are 9\16 then you have the higher amp alt.. and can upgrade to even higher.. (but if you have the small setup you cant upgrade {easily} to the larger size alt's without new brackets or whatever.
Remember there is a welding system out there that I belive is a really high output Alternator and the associated hardware to interface it and weld with it.. I will probably go for this someday as such that it gives you a ton of power for all your stuff. and serves a second purpose.. I have a hard time fixing things without modifying them or upgrading them. Might as well get the most bang for the buck especially when your bucks are RARE and precious.

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