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After installing the hydro-boost in the above write up I found out it was bad. Luckily I had a spare HB that tested good. I didn’t want to have to take the spare HB to someone to have the push rod welded back together, so I decided to use a threaded on push rod eye. That was the goal I started with. What I ended up with is a way to mount a HB with out modifying the push rod length.

In order to mount the HB in without cutting the push rod I used a pair of 3" spacer brackets from a Bendix power brake system that I had pulled from my 67 Wagoneer. This setup was used on all Dauntless 350 powered Jeeps. I turned the brackets around, so the face that bolted to the firewall now bolts up to the HB backing plate. I also had to drill a new set of holes in the brackets in order to mount them to the firewall. In between the brackets and the firewall is a 3/8” spacer. I added this because with out it the pushrod bottomed out the brake pedal. In retrospect a ¼” spacer would have worked better, as the 3/8” spacer causes the brake pedal to sit slightly lower then the clutch pedal.

Spacer brackets with 3/8" spacer plate, stock cover plate (you can just see it in the bottom right hand corner) and a new viynl weather seal.

A differant angle of the same piece.

You can see that the brake pedal is just a little lower then the clutch pedal. This is with the 3/8" spacer.

The push rod lines up perfectly. The eye still needed to be opedn up to fit the Jeep stud.

In order to mount the HB to the spacer brackets I had to drill two holes in between the middle and lower mounting holes. The HB mounting plates middle holes line up with the spacer brackets lower holes. I have trimmed the HB plate for looks.

Everything al bolted back together. In this photo you can see just how much I have trimmed the HB mounting plate. The lower hols are stock, and the upper hols are the ones I had to drill.

A nice side shot. This assembly is LONG! The ratty looking thing between the spacer brackets and the HB plate are the original gaskets.

I had to clearance the heat tube to make room for the accumulator. I simply heated the tube up and beat it with a hammer until I had gained about ¼” of clearance. As you can see, the accumulator fits in nicely now.

Heat tube clearanced with a torch and a big hammer.

Accumulator fits in nice now. It was touching the heat tube before.

Everthing all done up (except one brake line that is to short).
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