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Yesterday a package arrived in the mail. It was a gift from SOLSAKS AKA Dave in NC. It was a really nice metal campaign sign for Granny!!! Just in time for the political season. When my wife saw it she squealed like a little girl and loved the little note on the back.

It's such a nice sign I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in it to mount it.

After much consideration I decided what I needed to do was mount it in a frame and mount that on the truck. An advantage to this plan is that down the road I can mount it on the wall of a shop or man cave.

So I found some of the same wood I used to make the ballast box. I took the wood, my skill saw and The sign to work with me today hoping to find enough time to work on it. Work lately has been a bit trying and there has been little time for my own projects but I was hopeful.

At work I managed to get about a half hour in the shop to work on the frame. Fortunately someone had changed the metal cutting band saw blade out for a wood cutting blade which made quick work of the task and in that half hour I managed to get Grannies campaign sign mounted both in the frame and on the truck

I think it's hilarious!!! Thank you Dave

I also arranged for one of the guys I work with to take a video of it after work but then something broke and I wound up working late so we didn't get the video. Hopefully we can get it tomorrow. Other people seem to be taking a lot of videos of it though. On my way home a couple almost hit me because they were too busy videoing me to stay in their own lane.
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