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Today I finished installing the power door locks. Everything went pretty well. I decided to mount the controller under the dash rather than under the seat because I found a good spot for it and was able to run the wires to the doors through some existing grommets, as well as the wire to the battery. The only real problem I ran into was the piece that attaches to the lock rod was under size and had to be reamed up. This wasn't really a big deal, just a little time with a drill and the right size bit. So now I have functioning power door locks and shouldn't have any more problems with breaking keys. I would post pictures but they really don't show much, the whole thing is pretty hard to see.

I was pretty happy until while working on it I noticed this

The scrape is mostly mud and the dent shouldn't be too difficult to work out but it's the fact that someone hit my truck and just drove off that really upsets me. I know this happened in the past few days because of the mud. It's been raining like crazy all but the last 3 or 4 days and the mud is still there. If it weren't the past few days the mud would have washed away.

A while back the same sort of thing happened to my grill. I don't know when it happened but one day I was talking to somebody about it and noticed the lower right corner had an outward dent where the mounting bolt extends through the tab. Looking closer I could see where the grill had been pushed in to the point of contacting the mounting bolt and pushing out a dent as well as the inward dent.

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