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If I had known setting up the old lady in the back of my truck would be so much fun I would have done it years ago Everywhere I go people stare, point, laugh and come up to me to talk about it but I also have a lot to do.

Last week my wife and I had the flu...or maybe that Corolla virus from Woo-hoo China (or whatever it's called) but we are feeling much better now. It's still kind of hanging in there but every day gets a bit better. So I have been once again slowly working on the truck.

This week I finally got the center ridges ground down to the same height as all the rest of them so I was ready to install them. This posed a bit of a problem because how do you hold a raised piece in place over an open hole so you can weld it? The solution I came up with is to use some temporary braces.

I began by taking some metal pieces I found in the scrap bin at work

Cut them in half and drilled some holes in them

Then attached them to the ridges using some long self tapping screws

The idea being when I tighten them the braces will turn sideways and hold the ridges against the structure

When I got home I tried it out and it worked like a charm

although I did have to add some screws to act as stops to keep them from spinning.

I was then able to locate the ridges where I wanted them to go and tighten them down. Then I simply tack welded them in place

Then I took the braces off and began welding the full length, welding a little bit on one side then the other, back and forth until I got to the bottom, then start over. It's not hard or particularly time consuming and looks really good but it's slow going since I have so much else going on. The only real problem I have run into is in one area where I accidentally cut too wide when I removed the seam and had trouble filling the gap but that is done. That section will require a little extra attention and grinding but the rest of the seams will require very little to make them look seamless.
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