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lockers 1972 wagoneer

Hi, after getting stuck a couple of times even with the rather soft off roading that I do with the old girl I would like to put lockers in my 1972 Wagoneer. Currently there are none. I am planning to keep her mostly stock otherwise.

I am planning to keep the stock axles (Dana 44 30 spline rear and Dana 30 27 spline closed knuckles front, both 3.73). Transfer case for this year is a Dana 20.

Will the typical lockers sold today for this axle type and spline count fit? I was thinking of manual lockers with electric actuators by ARB, Eaton or OX. I have read a lot about Does anybody have recommedations?

Thank you!

1987 GW (rebuilt 360, 0.03 over, Comp cam 256 XE cam, 9.0:1 pistons, Bulltear oil pump with nickel-plated timing cover and American perf. back oiling mod, MSD 6T)
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