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another I'M BACK

not a big poster last time, i didnt have much to offer, i was learning about FSJ's. sold my GW back in 2010-ish, one of the few raging regrets i have in my life.

but, i've just purchased a 79 cherokee. i cant find much detail about these things, or i'm looking in the wrong spots. it's got the 'S' badge on it, both badges are actually still there. and it says cherokee chief on the side. the only info i'm really finding is on the jeep history site, but it's not very detailed.

is there a link on our site that give details on the various packages available on the SJ's please?

thanks so much for being here. i've got a little more money this go around to spend on this project so i cant wait to get started. i plan on making sure the engine is 100% reliable first, i'll check out the axles and drive train for any weak links. the interior is ok enough for now but i defiantly want to get it in good, orig condition. don't plan on any big mods, i've an LG for that.

it's coming from the other side of the county so i wont have it for a few weeks, perhaps even a month. i travel for work so trying to arrange the drop off time to coincide with me being home has been a challenge.

thanks for everyone's time and effort who's come before and assembled all the info that's here so far.
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