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I don't think your stalling is due to timing control. This is my second sniper system after the initial Howell efi. Howell had a DUI distributor, first sniper has an MSD with no box, and third had a DUI that I pulled out thinking it was causing miss in engine. Mechanic thought exhaust gas was getting in coolant. Tested that not the problem. Installed hyperspark and still had the miss, rough idle, stalling when coming to a stop or idle dropping to 400 when set at 700. Spoke to Holley and guy looked at my IAC numbers that should be between 2-12% in neutral or park. He was convinced it was a vacuum leak. I checked all the usual suspects and they were tight or plugged. I then noticed the lines at rear of engine. On drivers side you have a set running into the firewall to operate your 4wd with with small multicolored lines. I tested those with a vacuum pump and they held vacuum. I then looked at the two lines on the passenger side that go down behind engine and connect to 3 steel tubes. Tested these with pump and they do not hold vacuum. One runs to top of gas tank and the other goes to rear top of transfer case, Third I haven't traced all the way back yet.. There are vacuum lines on drivers side of tranny that operate 4wd shifter that come from multicolored lines going in and out of firewall. I temporarily pulled these from the port on manifold and plugged them all. It is a mess because charcoal canister requires a lot of connections.(I removed it previously). After that car runs better that any new car, smooth idle, no stalling when coming to a stop or shuddering. I think this has been the problem on my three cars all along. Will run down vacuum leaks in rear but I do not believe I need all those lines. For now runs like a new car. In hindsight DUI distributor was probably ok and will use it on another one of my cars. Holley hyperspark is truly plug and play. Good luck.
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