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I just did the Holley 2300 with Hyperspark and Robbmc powersurge fuel system. If you want to modify fuel lines and intake at tank you do not need the
Robbmc. Once dialed in it runs like a dream. Vacuum leaks really affected performance so check all of them. Holley Tech support is open 8-5 M-F and till 1pm on Sat. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Sniper has ability to generate data logs you can email them to look at. I am a hobbyist with pretty good car skills with 4 Gws sitting in the driveway. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy the more expensive parts that are easy to install and cut down on a mechanics time installing it.I did the Howell system and if you live in Calif it is your only choice. Kind of antiquated when you compare it to Holley. the hyper spark is an easy install if you watch the Holley video :

Make sure when you go to TDC that the number one piston is on the compression stroke before installing the Distributor. Hyperspark controls timing after install. Clean setup. Not knocking anyone else I can only comment on the 2 systems I have used.
I am like you I want it to run smoothly especially if the wife is in the car. Good Luck on whatever you choose.
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