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Holley EFI W/ Holley Hyperspark Distributor?

Hello everyone, long time lurker first time poster.

I have an 88 GW and love it so far (only 6 months in) but I'm in no shape or form a mechanic so a bit intimidating posting here among the experts so please forgive my ignorance on probably simple things. I've read through many of the posts here and have tried to put as many of the pieces together but still have questions.

After spending a life time of blissful ignorance enjoying fuel injection, trying to shift my reality to life with a carb is driving me nuts. I want to turn the key and the sucker crank :-) So I'm looking to add fuel injection with the Holley Sniper 2300 plus the fuel system kit:

What are the benefits of also upgrading the distributor along with adding the Sniper EFI? I've read the distributor threads and asking which one to use is going to give me a ton of answers that will confuse me more so to be more specific would using the Holley distributor be worth the price since it seems made to be compatible with the EFI?

In a nutshell, I want to convert to fuel injection:

1) So I can turn the key and it cranks
2) better/smoother idle and acceleration
3) not concerned so much with improved MPG or HP but if it happens all the better.

What if anything would upgrading the distributor add to this and what are the pitfalls? (I've read about the possibility of problems with the new distributor gear not fitting properly for example)

Would adding fuel injection and NOT upgrading the distributor result in other issues?

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