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Got your PM Frank. Phone number sent...

Here is a picture from the factory parts manual. The detail is not the best. I am now making the flanged bushing 7.038-6 from a very durable thermoplastic. If you need one send up a flare.

Carefully insert the square head bolts in the bullet shaped barrel, then carefully slide the upper barrel on the column housing past the wiring harness making sure the bolts go through the upper so you can get the nuts on. Don't forget the flanged bushing I mentioned between the two. Steering shaft feeds in from the bottom last. Get the wiring harness in there too.

Closer shot. Bolt 10.338-2 is the square head bolt.

Even closer in case you need it.

Now you can see why I dug the beater 70 wagoneer out of the snow. It has helped me over and over again in getting stuff back on correctly. That was the best 300 bucks I have ever spent. Well so far anyway...
Am I done yet?

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