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Originally Posted by chubbinius
Those embossed door panels look really nice for just being test runs. I like how you try out the different options and then share the results, Al.

On that note, would you recommend me trying out pliobond to fill and then sand on my steering wheel bezel (based on your experience)? Noticed the plastic on it is cracking in several places around the collar from just behind the horn bezel to the bottom where it connects to the steering column.

I am debating trying it out instead of going with a JB Weld or epoxy and then sand/paint. Thank you.

Pliobond is only for sticking things together. It will not function as a filler. It will stay somewhat gummy and not perform how you need it to. PC 11 is what you want. I would suggest getting on you tube and doing some searches on steering wheel repairs. The epoxy PC11 was a little tricky to use. I opened up the cracks with a dremel, taped the area next to the cracks to keep epoxy off of it, and filled the cracks with it. It was sticky and a little stubborn to keep it where I wanted it and built up just higher than the area around the crack. And I noted the steering wheel parent material sanded away just as fast as the PC 11. I started with a super coarse big toothed file. Then moved to finer sand paper as I got it to shape. So use care when doing your sanding and clean up. I put more tape on the wheel to protect against gouges from sanding or filing. I think it helped preserve the surrounding areas.
I think you tube once you find a good video will help a lot. There is a lot of not so great information so look at a few. You can tell who knows what they are doing. If for some reason you needed to glue a brick to a piece of glass, and have it be fuel and oil proof combined with wind proof, well then Pliobond would be my choice.
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