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So we've been tinkering with the Hemi swap and think we've come up with a solution to get this thing in. I don't have a tcase yet but should be picking one up this morning. I hope it fits without having to clock it.

Anyhow, I wanted to keep the factory brackets for the engine mounts attached to the frame and adapt to them. I knew Thompson Offroad had mounts for a Chevy LS engine and I already knew the LS and Hemi blocks were extremely similar in bolt pattern and location so I used LS motor mounts from them. Yes they fit. However, I changed the "log" style exhaust manifolds to the higher flowing SRT8 GC manifolds and created a small interference problem. Being these hang a little lower, they were now super close to the frame side of the engine mounts. So, I made a 1/4" spacer to go under the mount on the frame side and another 1/4" spacer to go between the block and bracket. I think this should work but until I get a tcase installed and a crossmember made, we won't know for sure. I also cut a nub off the manifold to help clear the frame.

Things I noticed right away:
Heater box is in the way
Steering column shift linkage won't be usable. (unless I find a way to modify it)
The engine fan is only 1" larger in diameter than the AMC fan
The Hemi and 545RFE trans is about 1.5" shorter than the AMC/400 combo. Could be because of the serpentine belt I had on the AMC.
Gonna have to swap to Hydroboost I think. This engine is WIDE.

More later.

Removing that nub for clearance.

Passenger side motor mount.

Driver side motor mount. You can see the grind marks on the manifold where I ground the nub off. It was hitting the frame. This is before the 1/4" spacers.

1974 Cherokee S. It's driving but needs more work. As usual!
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