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So I got the tcase out. You know, the one with the MM part time kit with 16% OD. Turns out there was no PT kit in there at all. Lol. I ran the wrong oil, I ran it in 2WD with the hubs unlocked and basically killed the tcase.
asphaltrockdweller was kind enough to bring me a tcase with the PT kit but no OD at an absolute fantastic price! Thank you very much! I bought the gasket and seal kit from BJ's and proceeded to reseal the unit back up before installing. I can't drive it yet but initial testing shows that everything is working correct. I can't thank asphaltrockdweller enough!

So even though I haven't been keeping up with this thread doesn't mean we're not working on the rig. Nothing great to report really, but we've been doing small stuff like adding defrost ducting (it's more of a PIA than you'd think), differential breathers, tcase wiring for the idiot light, tranny wiring for the kick down, speedo cable, ebrake cables and more. Still got a lot to do but it's very close to streetable. I might actually go to AAA and see if I can get this rig off no-op tomorrow. If I have time that is. I can't wait to drive it for real and not worry about the non plates, tags etc.

The interior panels are still not in. I can do that later. I just bought mirrors for the mounts I bought from Ross and still need to address the fuel filler problem but I have a plan there. Need to get the rig driveable.

And I'm sure that once it's driveable, I'll see a whole new batch of issue I need to tend to.
1974 Cherokee S. It's driving but needs more work. As usual!
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