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shaveing the heads

My 401 busted a valve spring a few weeks ago. So I figured I would use this as a opportunity to upgrade. Instead of replaceing just the one spring, I have a couple of other problems that could be either a burnt valve or warped intake sealing surface.
So I figured I would find some used heads, rebuild them, and while I was at it, I would do a little port and polish work. I am also thinking about haveing them shaved a bit to bump the compression. Once summer rolls back around and I start makeing some more money, I would like to convert to propane. So I figured a small bump in compression would help things. Untill then I would just run high test.
My question is, how much can the heads be shaved before you run into problems. Mainly valve to piston clearance and pushrod length. The 401 is 40 over with stock style pistons, and a comp 256H cam. I rebuilt it a couple years ago and it is still in great shape. I also bought a new set of valve springs for the new heads I have. I figure that $65 is worth it, just so I dont have to worry about another one breaking.
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