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The progress...

Ok, so we've had a lot of crazy stuff going on in our family, so I've gotten moments here and there to work on the truck, but definitely not enough to post anything about it, so I'm going to do just kind of a photo dump and describe what we're looking at here...

I know it's tough to tell what the heck you're looking at in this one, but these are the side pieces that hold the bed side pieces on. I added gussets on the top corners to make them sturdier. All the welding I've ended up doing really REALLY makes me want a TIG machine. #lifegoals

Here's the plywood I'm using for the floor of the bed. I used untreated plywood so I wouldn't have to worry about the chemicals corroding the metal around them or the screws. Two coats of spar poly later, and I should have a pretty good moisture barrier, especially considering that this truck will rarely (if ever) see rain and it's also going to be covered.

Here's a picture of the bed side with the side pieces mounted to it and also that promised angled piece! It really completes the thriftside look of the bed sides. I'm diggin it.

Some more pictures of the bed with the sides attached. Looks like it's missing something...

THE CLOSEST I'VE COME TO HAVING A FINISHED TRUCK!!! AAH! The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter.

I've caught a lot of flack for my idea of a wooden bed. One of the folks on facebook was kind enough to point out that my bed would look better on a Willys... Thanks guy. Sarcasm intended. Truly, I don't give a rat's arse what anybody thinks about it, haha! I think it looks great, it's just functional enough, I can take it apart in 20 minutes if I have to and replace anything that needs replacing relatively easily. So there.

Here's some more pictures of the truck with the fenders on.

Also, here's the wood in it's current state with two coats of tung oil on it. I really like how it made the grain pop and it's super easy to keep up.

I'm getting all these little bits put back together before they all go back on the bed. Then I've got to make the bed skirts. Trying to figure out a way to mount those to something really sturdy like angle iron to that they don't flex too much driving down the road. So far, gussets have been my answer to things like this. I do not like welding gussets.

I'll post more soon. Next up after the bed is to try and finally tackle the leaks from the engine. I've had enough of this truck marking his territory everywhere he goes. My fiance has had enough too... I'm pretty sure I just goofed up something with the oil pan gasket... Then it's rims and tires and then this truck gets to drive me and my soon to be bride away from our wedding!

Winter project is the A/C unit I've got and I also want to source and install an overdrive setup. I'd really like to be able to drive this truck down the road to my parents' once in a while.

BTW, anybody with an old Tornado who has an opportunity to get a power steering (technically a power assisted steering setup), DO IT! I'd heard mixed reviews about them, but holy cow is it an upgrade. I was literally getting flashbacks of swimmer's shoulder from high school prior to getting this done on the truck. The system works great, just took a little figuring for the mounting bracket for the ram piston and the hoses (ended up getting them from a hydraulic's supply shop for $35/each, WHAT?!

Ok, gotta run. More soon.
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