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Just a quick follow up on todays water jetting experience. It worked so well and I am super pleased. Both patterns need some work to change a couple things. But after they are dialed in they will be just super to work with. Here is a back door panel. The front is out in the shop.

The original factory panel clip fits. I did order a box of new panel clips of two styles. Both should fit but I will find the best ones and post the part number.

I found a nice match to the door seals. I will get it here for a side by side comparison and post the part number. My X model wagoneer has a different door seal profile. I do not know if someone changed them somewhere along the way. But I ordered 50 feet of the same basic seal that Sadie has.

I have three black vinyl samples here totaling one square yard each. Some open cell foam and a gallon of glue. I have a lot of experimentation to do regarding embossing the vinyl. I will find something that works.

Today was long but very successful. I have a lot to work with.

I am going to be incognito for a little bit. I am heading for Seattle in about 12 hours. One of my high school friends dad passed away. I am staying at Bill's (Sadies owner) and we are heading over there for the get together to be with the old gang. His dads passing was unexpected. This guy is the person whom introduced me to the madness of Jeeps in 1980. No one can replace our parents.
I hope to be back very soon. I am eager to do all this work, but this is more important.
Am I done yet?

Holy Moly, I am done.....

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