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hinges with problems and problems with hinges

putting doors and hinges back on 76 j10,...
had a buddy of mine take the hinges and bead blast them
when they dismantled the truck,...
then he put new pins/bushings in for me

one set was stiffer than the other
we thought it may be the passenger hinges that were not as loose
since not used as much as driver door.....

my buddy also noted/found that two wierd looking pieces fell out of the hinge or hinges, they are 1.25" long x 5/8" wide
and 1/8" thick and they have a "V" Shaped notch in each end,...
due to ignorance,.....we did not put them back in, I still have them.

now,....body shop is re installing doors, he says pass door shuts/latches
and is kinda free swinging, no binding

the driver door, however
will not shut, when it gets to about 4 or 5 inches from shutting it is really stiff
and seems it would have to be man handled to make shut.

is there any advice from someone who has dons this ?
are all hinges same ?, could we have them mis matched, etc etc....

if I could buy hinges and solve the problem I would, but don't recall seeing any new hinges for sale.
the pass door is so close at top pf frame
I am not going to be able to install bright trim scalp moulding, but that was an issue before taking truck apart
( the original bright trim at top of frame was torn from where it had been hitting )

any help appreciated......

dave in NC
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