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Originally Posted by ZackN920
Doubt it, pretty sure it has to be moved out of the way. Don't know what year your's is Pasta_Man, but its not hard to do (at least on the later Jeeps). Most of the screws line the front of the dash and there is one by the blower motor. That's it! You may have to loosen the dash to get it down on the floor, but that's one more bolt at the kick panel on that side, then you should be able to manipulate things how you want.
Yeah, dropping it on my 79 is a piece of cake, too. 1/4" bolts across the front and the bracket in the back. If you have never done it, you assume it's a big pain and you are going to make a mess but it's not.

I'm with ZackN920; you probably could do it without dropping the A/C but you are avoiding a <5 minute/free job (lowering the A/C) to make another 15 min job take MUCH longer, require MANY more cuss words, and a few bandaids.
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