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iv done it, but with a 77 wag.

well since u got the complete 74 its just a matter of time. get rid of both the 5lug diffaxles on the 73 and replace them with the 6lugs off the 74.

replace the brake booster and the master cylinder on the 73 with the same units from the 74. also use the 74s proportioning valve that is bolted to the frame rail.

remove the 73s pitman arm and replace with the unit off the 74. the steering rods from the 74 will now bolt to ur 73s steering gear.

the front driveshaft MAY have to be change becuz the front d30 yoke is smaller than the yoke on the front d44.

keep the 11x2 brakes (drums, backing plates, etc) from the 73s OE diffaxles and sell to early CJ owners.
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