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Babywag - Thanks for your input! Are you running Sniper w/vacuum EGR or GM TBI? I have all the delay valves / etc so can use them on this motor. Was surprised at how much EGR affected the NO levels?!?! I'm sure I'll be able to pass Oregon DEQ emissions either way (already have with a carb), I just like the idea of cruise temps being lower as I'm often making 200 mile trips through the desert to Idaho in the summer.

Bill USN-1 - I didn't say anything about timing control, but for what it's worth I will have timing control.

Was wondering more about if the Sniper could have the AFR curved based on the manifold vacuum read or if it would recognize that EGR has kicked in. It is a retrofit for older engines and figured someone would have done this in emissions control states.

Goal is to break in the new motor with my current carbed setup because it works and will reduce variables in setting up/breaking in the new engine. Will install the sniper around the 1st oil change. Just want to know if anyone out there is running a Sniper with the stock EGR setup, or has tried it.

Decked my block/heads a little and would like to get the manifold (EGR or No EGR) to the shop to have it shaved if need be before I pick everything up.

Thanks for all your input! This is pretty informative already!
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