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Glad it helped. Sorry for the earlier confusion. Yesterday I was in a hurry. Here's some more info. If you can weld aluminum it will cost nothing but time. Otherwise, you need to decide how much welding you're willing to pay for.

I decided to add these filler pieces at the last minute. With them and the round covers back in place none of the header tanks can be seen and it just looks like an extra wide radiator behind the grill. I trimmed the valence to the inside edge of the header tanks. That barely left three of the four screw holes for remounting the round covers. (trying to preserve "stock" look as much as possible)

This is a test fit of the grill during early fabrication. Imagine the round covers back on. With everything painted a satin black it takes a knowing eye to catch the mods.

I would highly recommend mod'ing the inlet and outlet of the IC. If you're seriously thinking of inverting the IC you could also trim the header tank down like the red line shows. You would need to move the mounting/support studs to the other end of the header anyways, so that wouldn't pose a problem.

Another thing I thought of yesterday was that I intentionly pushed the IC as far forward as I could possibly get it to make room for the trans and oil cooler to mount between IC and radiator. You could probably gain 1" of clearance in front of the IC by moving it back. This would most likely greatly reduce the amount of trimming on the valence needed.

If you go with the Dodge IC, and use the the things I learned before you start, you'll probably end up with a super clean looking install. A lot nicer than mine, and what I envisioned mine was going to look like. I'm seriously looking forward to how yours turns out.
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