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Had the same thing happen to me only it was on the highway at 65MPH. I heard some truckers on the CB talking about "the shower of sparks coming from that truck in the southbound lane." NO one was hurt and I managed to get the Jeep off of the road and on to the shoulder. I had to get a new shaft for that side because the old one was scored too bad. I smelled the gear oil earlier in the day and thought I just had a leak in the diff cover. WRONG! Anyway, check out the thread "Death inviting rear axle" on the board. It had a lot of good info, I just wish I had seen it before it happened to me.
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I had a 78 Cherokee Chief,all of this good stuff on it:<br />360,TH400,D18<br />D44F/r (rear Detroit, Front limited slip)4.56 Gearing<br />35\" BFG Mud T/A\'s<br />Custom spare tire carrier<br />Custom dents by trees and stuff!<br /><br />Also own:<br />03 Wrangler<br />31\" tires<br />Rear lsd<br />CB<br />800 lb winch
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