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C clip? What C clip? I just went through this with my ScoutII. There are two different bearings that will fit the axle. One has straighbearing rollers and the other has tapered bearing rollers. My ScoutII does not have C clips on the axle. It is held in by the tapered bearings. They are designed such that in the event of bearing roller failure, the inner race cannot pass through the outer bearing race. The axle stays in the housing. If this happens with the straight roller bearing, the inner race passes right through the outer race and the axle comes right out.
When I had the bearings replaced on my axles, the machine shop had information indicating that the two styles of bearing were interchangeable. They are... but on C clip axles only! Non-C clip axles only use the tapered roller bearing.
Chicago Rawhide makes the BR10 bearing that has the straight rollers, Timkin makes the SET10 bearing with the tapered rollers.
So, if you have C clips, then either bearing will work. If your axle doesn't use C clips then use only tapered bearings. Timkin Set10 is a very well made bearing.

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