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The engine color is not technically correct for a true restoration. Technically it should be a metallic turquoise that AMC stopped using in '73 or '74. There were actually still remnants of the original color on the engine when I got it.The color I used was actually an Oldsmobile color which matches the exterior of the truck and I personally like much better.

I do have another story about the truck if you would like to read it.

Just about the same time I bought the truck one of the guys I work with bought a brand new $75,000 Corvette. One day I parked next to him in the parking lot and he freaked out! He actually told me I'd better hope my door doesn't fall off and damage his car! I told him I like parking next to him so I don't have to worry about door dings.

From that day on whenever possible I would always park my truck next to his Vette. If the space wasn't open when I got there it was usually occupied by someone from another shift so I would go out after they left and move my truck to be right next to him I even looked into buying a door from a salvage yard to attach to a stand that would make it look like it was leaning against his car without actually touching it but the cheapest one I could find was $150 and I thought that was a bit too much to pay for a 2 minute practical joke.

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