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Archive material

I agree with PB, this is a great archive writeup. straight forward with excellent pics. I did this over this past weekend also and would like to add a few things which I encountered.

The exhaust Y pipe can be a pain in the neck to remove if it's never been taken off before. I had to take my waggy to a muffler shop and have them put in another sleeve joint where the driver side pipe coming off the manifold meets with the pass side pipe. this was the best place to put in a joint that would still allow me to have full access to the oil pan. It cost me about $25 and was well worth the money for the added convenience of only removing 2 exhaust manifold bolts and having a fresh non-frozen sleeve joint to work with.

The air injector hose that ran from the engine bay to the catalytic converter was in the way of removing the oil pan. The joint near the cat was also frozen, since this hose has long been disconnected from the air pump I just decided to remove it with a cutoff wheel at the catalytic converter joint instead of fighting with it. I didn't bother putting it back in.

I also had to drill and retap the oil pan drain plug, I figured it was easier to do this with the pan out anyways. It was easy to drill and retap and now I have a new 5/8 drain plug . Apparently this has happened several times before and the plug just keeps getting bigger. None of my sockets even fit the head anymore.