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AMC 327 Head Porting?

Hey there - new '67 Gladiator owner.

It's looking like I have to rebuild the cylinder head with hardened valve seats.

I've been looking at performance options for the 327, and they are substantially hard to get power out of -- in fact, I've seen several comments suggesting not even switching to a 4-barrel carb because the exhaust ports are the limiting factor.

Porting is never mentioned.

For background: I used to race motorcycles, and built all my own engines, but I've never built a car engine, much less a car engine with cast iron heads. And, I haven't got the heads out of the truck yet, in any case. Just trying to set expectations.

Is porting a cast iron head impossible or otherwise impractical? Are the water jackets too close to the ports? Why doesn't anyone port AMC 327s?
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