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"a larger version of a barely acceptable design"

I guess that 5 State champion Mud Puppy was just a barely acceptable design blowin' off all the big blocks of the big three by just limpn' long.
FYI, those barely acceptable AMC heads left untouched will out flow Chevy performance heads by a good margin.
I'm pretty sure that no American engine manufacturer had any quantum leaps in design between '74-'78. I'm also pretty sure that anybody not racing an AMC doesn't need any oiling mods and I'm pretty sure that anybody racing the big three are doing oiling mods to their own "barely acceptable designed" big blocks.

It's kind of funny that nobody has ever (that I've heard) disputed the power advantages gained in picking up ~40CI in a 302 by stroking it to a 347.... but low and behold if you add ~40CI to an AMC you probably won't be able to notice it. Well, I've driven some serious torque monsters (Mack turbo MB600 Bull Dog) and some darn fast cars (up to Jag V12) to boot and I don't have a problem feeling the difference between a 401 & 360. Can't explain other's experience, except that when I drove fleet cars for the State I noticed a lot of variance between 1977 Plymouth Interceptors and the same can be said for the '76 Mopars.

Just wondering if you Jeepers actually believe that AMC would put a 215hp 401 in their trucks and wagons and then sell a 255hp 401 to IH?
I think the gap between the 360 and 401 is greater then what you read in Chiltons, maybe the TSM says the same as Chiltons... but it is still highly suspect.

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