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I can see it now:

"Worn out 401 blows Caddy 500 into the weeds!"

I got a kick out of this post over on the general discussion board and sure didn't want'cha to miss it:

4x4n In A Cherokee In Colorado
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posted December 04, 2003 05:12 PM
We mud raced on in the mid 80's.
It was a '76 J-10 frame, with a 80 Ford Courier body, T-400 with a 205. Ford 9 inch in the rear with disks. Dana 60 out of a 1 ton Chev in the front with 7.13 gears fronts and rears. Lifted about 2 feet.

We had a 401 balanced and blue printed, Jahn's pistons 13.5 to 1 comp ratio with moly rings. .030 shaved heads, so I would guess about 14-15 to 1 final comp ratio. Reliefed pockets, ports heavily ported both intake and exhaust. We put them on a flow bench, I cant remember the numbers, but everyone was impressed. Had 7/16 studs installed with push rod guide plates. We also had the valves undercut on the stems and swirled.

306 duration cam with .575 int. .600 exh.
Victor intake, with a predator carb, with a 250 hp N.O.S. setup

The truck sit on 4 foot Kubotata tractor tires.

Ita had a lot of other mods I wont go into. Back then nothing would touch it. They paid us to put on intermissions at monster truck shows. and it was the No.1 ranked truck in about 4-5 states. It was called The Mud Puppy if anyone remembers.

I did not own it but painted it and kept it looking good, also was the pit crew help. It was owned by 4 of my good friends.

We had a lot of fun in those days! We had custom headers going straight up out of the hood and when the exhaust came out the tips under full throttle with the Nitrous on, there was 8 awesome blue flames about 8-10 inches coming out. The crowds always loved it! The monster truck guys would come by in the pits and ask to see our big block chev. in our mud truck. We would laugh and show them our 401 rambler engine! They always were surprised! They were all pro's and they new engines. They would guestimate 700-900 hp.

We were never able to get it on a DYNO but it sure spun those Kobota tires!!LOL

I dont think anyone ever put a dime out of there pockets into that truck. It was only fixed up with the money it won. That is the funnest racing!

Then about 87-88, guys started building ultra lights with blown big blocks that floated across the mud like you see em do now. Since our truck had to run down and thru the mud, we could no longer keep up. These guys were investing huge $$$ into there rigs and since we were just a bunch of poor guys out to have a good time, we just gave up! Those were some of the funnest times of my life. Oh memories!!

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