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So, I wonder if we move this back to July 11-13 if the newlyweds would show up again? That would be cool. I also hear your concerns Ralph. The reason we moved it back a week this last summer (yes, it is now Autumn) is because some passes were still closed the second week of July in 05.

<here I start wandering around a bit>
SJ has made a good point in another thread that we do this during the monsoon season and subsequently get rained on and a few lightning bolts thrown at us, not to mention roads washing out like coming down off Imogene this year. Really, the end of August and early September is nice for mountain rides here. But not practical for families with kids that would be travelling a day or more to get here.

The big Invasion in 02 was held the 2nd week of August. The recon missions in 00 and 01 were held over Labor Day. I think the 99 recon was too. The weather then was warm and dry. Some folks saw snow flurries on Imogene in 01. Hard to guage all this with changing weather patterns because we were in serious drought conditions 00 through 02. The weather on those trips was uneventful and mostly dry. Since 02, we have been doing this the 2nd or 3rd week of July so folks with school aged kids could make the trip. In 03 we had a little more moisture and better display of flowers. For 04, 05 and 06, we have had fair amount of rain during the Invasion. Who knows what next year will be like?

I think we need to seriously consider getting on the trails earlier in the day to avoid bad weather like this year. We typically shoot the bull and mess around until 10 or 11 to hit the trails. I am not pointing fingers because I am guilty too. The monsoon rains start building after noon and we get caught in the squalls. We could just as easily hit the road at 8 and be off most the trails by 2 or 3. Then we can do socializing in the afternoons and brag about what we did or broke that day. Just a thought...
<end the wandering>

So, what say ye on July 11-13 for 07?
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