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Originally Posted by threepiece
I did a "full flair" swap on both sides of that red Cherokee under the car port that you had your eye on Jim.

Others have said that there is some slight difference but I did not notice that, mine seemed to fit perfectly. I did notice a slight difference between the right and left sides, perhaps this is where the discrepancy that others have found is.

If you study the configuration of the Cherokee flair you will see that it is trimmed just inboard of the body side. I have come to believe that Jeep used truck flairs the build the Wide Track body, they probably trimmed off the unwanted portion with a power shear. I simply can't believe they spent the money on new tooling.

Hi Dan! Long time no see! Hope all is well with you..

I also think AMC would not have retooled a new flair..

Interesting... I will have to hire somebody to do this swap, but will watch intently and try to document what happens.

I am sure I'll need some parts soon.. will be in touch! Jim
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