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Flowkooler gasket problem solved

I was so tired of having my Flowkooler (required) dual gasket setup leak on me I decided to permanently fix the problem.

I don't know what I was doing wrong but after going through 4 sets of gaskets, I had enough. I followed the proper torque sequence. I used Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket. I also tried their High Tack Sealant (98H). Then I started reducing the torque. No matter what I tried the gaskets would split or squeezed out from under the other. I knew real copper would do neither.

To fix the problem I ordered a 12 gauge (.080) copper sheet. I picked this size to provide the necessary clearance the Flowkooler needed without throwing the geometry of my pulley/belt system off. The 12"X12" sheet was expensive ($49.00), but tearing apart the front of my engine was growing old.

I used an old timing cover to score the outer diameter of the water pump and all the fixed locations of the bolt holes. I then lined up a spare cork gasket with the hole locations and scored out the rest of the shape. After drilling all the holes I began cutting away at the copper sheet with my dremel. I used several reinforced cutoff wheels and some grinding bits. One picture is the finished gasket/spacer I made. To seal it I skimmed on the thinnest layer of UltraGrey High Torque silicone with my fingers to both sides of the gasket. I immediately torqued down all of the smaller bolts to squeeze the excess out so I would have time to reassemble the rest. Once the larger bolts were installed and torqued. I did a final torque on the smaller bolts, let it set for 24hrs, topped it off and no leaks for the first time since my rebuild.

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