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Remember there are no stupid questions, just stupid people that ask questions.

Well, i put the new radiator in and it's running great. I hope you guys don't think i'm a total loser, but i got the 3 core (this is going to be a daily driver, no towing and no serious off-road, and being a novice i couldn't even begin to conceive how to trim the fan shroud).

Here's my question. (727 auto, NP 219) I tried the 4wd hi-lock and 4wd-lo and i think i've got trouble. When i accelerate slowly no problems. When i gave it some gas there was a loud metallic noise (sounded like a straining?, slipping chain?) then when i shifted it back to 4hi it remained in 4hi-lock. After shutting off the engine and shifting agaain it went back into 4hi.

I am going to start by checking/changing the x-fer case and differential fluids, but i am afraid it might be a different problem. any ideas or suggestions.

Is there anyone in Raleigh, NC with experience?

Thanks again, this forum is great.

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