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I just went through all mine and found if they work too well they will lock on you when you close the door. Not a good thing if you hop out to check the mail or 100 other somethings and close your door and lock your keys inside.

Found most of the latch springs sheared off and clinging on in the grease so they still provided just enough resistance to keep the heavy pull handles from dropping. So when you clean out the metal pieces and lubed them up they would drop very easy Into lock position on you.

GM steering column blinker cam return spring is a close fit if you're good at minor modifications a clip here and a bend there will make it work it's thin to fit.

I got the BJs spring kit and the spring is very thick to fit between the moving parts and rubs and is very stiff. I broke one trying to Install on drivers door so I used the other one for the back for drivers. Very stiff, So much that I worry I'll break the key off trying to unlock it. I hope it breaks in.

I think honestly if you can leave just enough dirt in the mechanism and your old spring pieces, to where it doesn't drop on you, and the actuator lifts it smoothly then you'll have achieved enlightenment and a happy medium.

If your a perfectionist and want it clean and proper then your in for a struggle.

BJs off road has a tutorial to show you how to change these out on the website where you purchase the replacement springs.
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