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Since we are getting all mushy and letting our feelings out... I am touched you would consider installing an egg crate on Brutus there Jason.

I am not going to vote. I have been going to Moab each Spring since 01. Some years I get in a Fall trip too. That first trip was to watch and take it in. The rest of my trips there with an FSJ have been to wheel the trails for fun. None of it was organized prior to going except to get the Jeep ready. If y'all wanna call it something, that is all good with this Jeepaholic.

Stepping up on the podium for a minute...
This gathering is not an event, is unofficial and has no leaders... Everyone who comes should know this.
Words taken from the Ouray Invasion home page apply here:

"Our FSJ gatherings are totally unorganized and unofficial, but that doesn't mean it has to be disorganized. No person on any trail ride can be designated "the leader", "the guide" or any name that gives the impression that they are in charge. All that show up are their own leader. A person can head up the trail and the others have the option to follow the Jeep in front of them. Each driver is responsible for their own actions and the occupants of their vehicles."

We nearly had a catastrophie on Corkscrew trail in Ouray this July. Even though most of us can laugh about it now, it could have easily been a much different outcome. We need to all realize that Jeeps break. Wheeling Moab can break a rig much faster than wheeling the mountains in Ouray, in my opinion. There is usually vehicle carnage of some kind on each trail ride I have been on in Moab. Everyone who comes needs to be sure they are prepared to meet the slickrock full on. If your Jeep doesn't have low range, good brakes and working Ebrake (to name a few), then stay on the pavement. I am not trying to scare anyone, just pointing out that it is important to come prepared. It is worth it to be hauling a few hundred pounds of spare parts too. I carry more with me to Moab than to Ouray.

Thanks.....back to the unscheduled madness of picking names...
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