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Originally posted by wickedwagon767:
89Grand drew the line in the right spot

Lets face it, FSJ's aren't going to get good mileage. If 'good' mileage to you is 14-16mpg then you're just lowering the bar.If you want mileage, get a little import that gets 40mpg to drive regularly and save a couple hundred dollars a month in gas to put into a 4bbl TBI upgrade. fuel injection from simple TBI setups to CFI,DPI and just a no-brainer. I've had a couple of trucks with smoothish running carbs that I was somewhat satisfied with at the time,but after getting some seasoning and driving the '97 4x4 Ram I had , the '97 vortec350 chevy I had and the '91 TBI Suburban I drive now.....I will never willingly install a carburator again as long as I live. Sure, they're about half the price ,or less, than a full TBI setup.....but you get what you pay for my friends. Sure, the Edelbrock 1406 on my Wagoneer right now works very well running around on the street.

But I know a 4bbl TBI setup would run soooooo smooth on/off road and make me wet my pants.

Not because the mileage would raise a hair,maybe,but because all-around driveability dramatically improves and I could nearly run upside down and dig along stumble-free.
The fuel mileage is not my main concern,but 14-16 is better than 7-10...and i like the idea of better driveability.
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