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Got the cab/doors cleaned up today. There were many small areas that the media blaster missed/avoided, so that took a lot of time...that old epoxy is still tough as nails to remove. Then I sanded the entire thing with 220 to knock back the sand papery surface left by the blasting process. Then I masked and sprayed it all with Eastwood After Blast. So now it's protected from flash rust for an extended period. ( I park it under a roof behind the fence when I'm not working on it, but it's not well protected from the sides). The last item for today was cutting the windshield out of the seal. Nasty job, but it's now free. I have a proessionalal lined up to installed the new seal and glass. His fee is $110, and I won't mess with it for that. A couple years ago I installed the $1000 windshield in my Jaguar by myself. Like a monkey F'ing a football.

Tomorrow I'll remove the windshield, pull off whats' left of the old seal....then clean up the metal under the seal. If there's time, I'll skim the old bondo and fix a few dings that occurred since I last painted this thing.

I'm trying to beat some rain and cold forecast for next week...would like to get the cab and doors in epoxy and urethane primer by Monday.

Here's today's output and photos of the powder coated inner fenders, (and a photo of the Jaguar, which I just completed restoring in November). Feels like a production line in my garage. Looks like a war zone.

SJTD, thanks for tip on shims for flare fittings...I found them at Grainger and Amazon...under a dollar each. Much appreciated.

SOLSAKS, thanks for the kind remarks. The truck is indeed in remarkably good condition. Always a Dallas area vehicle and it hasn't been off road in over 30 years since I bought it. I purchased it from an old guy (like me) who bought it new for his delinquent son. The kid drove it for about a year and went to prison. It sat around in the father's yard awaiting the kid's parole....and it didn't happen. The old guy was fed up and put it up for sale. When I finished my Jaguar I was going to buy another project car and my spouse suggested I get this one back in shape instead. Last one before my dirt nap....except for that damned boat...

DSCN1415 by Rufus, on Flickr
by Rufus, on Flickr
DSCN1416 by Rufus, on Flickr
IMG_5047 (2) by Rufus, on Flickr
J10 - Body channel (3 inch drop @ front); dechromed; shaved side parking lights, antenna, and hood trim bar. Ford mirrors, roll pans, side exhaust, 16 inch wheels, custom dash, new interior, Edelbrocked 360, HEI, T18/208 (J20), rear disk brakes, goose neck and bumper hitches.

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