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Originally Posted by TexasJ10
I agree with you on the quality of the parts and the difficulty to fit the serpentine kit. I concluded that water pumps are not made with any particular tolerances when it comes to the bolt bosses and it throws things off.

So true. That and I didn't get the proper spacers with the kit anyhow.

I am curious why you decided to mount the power steering idler pulley in the "up" position rather than in the "down" position where it has greater belt contact with the water pump and power steering pulleys? It also comes pretty close the the distributor in the "up" position. Bull tear recommended it in the "down" position when I talked to them even though it fits both ways and in one of their photos they have it in the up position. Beautiful build by the way!

Actually, we were just talking about that yesterday. The only real reason is we were using a straight edge to check and correct the PS alignment and that's how it was mounted in the only photo available. But it will end up in the down position for the obvious reasons. And thanks!
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