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WOW!! Thanks for a bunch of great info! Quite a lot for my close to fried brain.

The 258 to AW4 sounds like a complicated bunch of fun having to chase down all of the stuff it'd need to make it work and I dont know if I could handle all the TPS fabbing and stuff. If I have it right I could stuff the 4.0 with its already mated AW4, but I'm confused as to what stock t-case it runs. I can hunt down axles for the right gear ratio and get the driveshafts done here local. She will be stock unless there is something simple that can be done to give her a little bitty lift for maybe 31s at the most! (Even if they have typical 205/95/15 type numbering )

This IS not for me but for a friend of mine who is need of a very reliable vehicle that can handle the Missouri snow. She's not a wheeler or anything but it wouldnt hurt to be capable of basic stuff. BUDGET is BIG here and getting the best MPGs will be a BIG help. The 258 first came to mind because she'd get better MPGs than a V8 and an auto would benefit her lack of experience with a stick in the snow. But if the 4.0 - AW4 combo is easier and cheaper then thats my direction. She's in college going for a double major to be a teacher. I just want to help her out as her family has been really good to me.

Like I said before my brain is on overload so if ya'll can be patient with me and splain it all simple cuz I'm blond brain fried it'd help a lot. LOL
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