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Originally Posted by wayne-o-
Just installed this on my 83 J10 Sunday, Huge improvement, smooth acceleration, reduced warm up, crisp throttle response, did have a problem with RPM's couldn't get it down below 850, a couple calls to Holley techs and they told me the fix. Just a matter of some tuning thru the hand held now its idling at 720 to 740.......smooth as silk.

this is my 3rd EFI setup; Howell, don't waste your time 3 injector pods,2 computer chips, 5 months and a trip to one of their approved shops later, runs too lean. they refunded my money
Holley Avenger 4 injectors.....1989 technology likes to shut off primary jets in stop & go traffic so your stalling, supplier gave me replacement units my choice, took (2) Holley Snipers, gave one to my brother for his 72 Jeepster

How are you going to pass smog in CA with that on your 83 J10? I have a 1980 J10 and would definitely do this if it would pass CA smog. Thanks
1980 J-10<br />Rusty\'s 4 inch lift<br />2 inch body lift,<br />35 in Xterrains on J20 axles<br />4:30 gears<br />Detroits<br />In-Cab cage thru the dash
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