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Last time I was in an airport I saw people scrambling to find a 110 outlet to charge their toys.
Looking through search results from DuckDuckGo for silicon valley charging stations, I see
it is worse than I could comprehend. Renters, hotel/motel guests, doctors, pretty much everyone
who works there or visits there with an ev is fighting for plug time. New construction
has to have charging stations. Are stack'n'packs exempt since they don't have to provide parking anyway?
The recent power plant construction here consists of peaking plants using 747 engines burning kerosene.
I don't see the sustainability in this, nor is this anywhere near carbon neutral.
The noise is something else.
That is why San Jose's Metcalf Plant was supposed to be built here in the valley, with
wires going over the hill into South San Jose. That died a quick death.
When new power plants are built, the cynic in me says the only fuel available in sufficient
quantity to create enough electricity to replace internal combustion engines will be gasoline.

Seemed like a good idea at the time...
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