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Agreed. Texas apparently only has about a 7.5% reserve margin on the grid. They predict a rough summer this year. Thousands and thousands of new homes with thousands of new ac units buzzing non stop when it gets close to triple digits. Not to mention the thousands of d-nozzles driving around Dallas in their Teslas needing to charge up every time they drive to Starbucks for over priced coffee and bagels with avocado butter. I blame them for everything lol

I don't understand charging stations for employees though. it's like volunteer handicap spots for people who decided to buy a range-limited handicapped vehicle. Why throw them a bone?
If I ever see one pop up where I work I'll ask my boss for similarly fair diesel "iv drip" when I park at work.. I want a free full tank too!
I'm fine with the $1,000/year tax.
It should also be like insurance where if you don't pay it you get towed.

In all honesty though it would be neat to have an electric vehicle. Till you need to pull a 20,000lbs+ trailer across the country.
I'm excited to see the Rivian 4x4 trucks and SUVs hit the market. It's just the low prices and Infrastructure aren't there yet.
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