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I just found out that both Holley and FiTech have now come out with 2 barrel fuel injection. This actually helps me out tremendously since I never want to remove that heavy intake manifold ever again. The problem now is deciding which one to go with. The Holley says it mounts in place of the 2300, which I think is the same as the motorcraft 2100 bolt pattern I have the FiTech doesn't state the pattern but I assume it is probably the same but will look into it before I decide. One of the advantages to the Holley over the FiTech is timing control, that's something that would be nice to have but isn't really all that important to me. I also need to figure out that fittings and things I will need to make this work. My plan is to get a Novak in tank fuel pump so I will have to figure out the fittings and stuff and save up the rest of the money to buy it all.
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