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Thanks FSJunkie, When I eventually go to fuel injection I figure I will need a bigger alternator and some wiring improvements just to handle the electric fuel pump. I don't have a lot of hope about it but I do hope FI will increase my gas mileage a bit. Last summer I discovered a simple device that actually increased my mileage by 2 miles per gallon... A locking gas cap . It seems someone was stealing a gallon per week which probably isn't that noticeable to most people but I only drive 50-60 miles most weeks so it was noticeable to me. I think the the alternator may be a bit taxed when the electric fan is running also. I added the electric fan when the original fan clutch went bad and I was having trouble finding another one that was short enough to fit. Autozone said they had one that fit but it was 1/4 inch too long so I installed an electric fan until I could find a clutch that would fit. Fortunately the one from BJs worked fine and once I installed that I moved the electric fan to the front as an auxiliary fan. It almost never comes on though but I like having it as a backup. Someday I also hope to add air conditioning but it's pretty low on the priority list.

Originally Posted by Frank Ziebert
Can't wait to see the cream over cherry paint
Me too I've decided to go ahead and talk to my brother about possibly doing the bodywork and paint. He has a body shop just outside of Duluth MN. I'm not very trustful of people in general and hate letting other people work on anything of mine but time is a real issue lately. I can do the work myself but space at my place is at a premium and I've been remodeling my house for the past several years and working on a new front porch for about 3 years now. My wife would really prefer I spend my time doing that rather than working on the truck and I know my brother will do the job right where I can't be sure anybody else would. Of course the cost of shipping it from Seattle to Minnesota is a big addition to the overall cost and I really don't know if I can afford it. I keep looking for a tailgate and a rhino grill in good condition to try to make the overall bodywork less challenging but I'm kind of a cheap bastard and finding either of them in decent condition within my budget has been a bit of a challenge...actually I have found a few but I would have had to buy a whole truck to get the parts and just don't have space for that. Another big problem for me is worrying the bodywork and paint will take all summer. I make home made apple cider and my apple season starts around the first of July and lasts until the end of November. I wind up picking and pressing 1,000 to 1,500 LBS of apples on a good year, 700 or so on a bd year, which is largely why I need a truck, well that and hauling stuff to work on the house, and dump runs of course.
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