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It's just a very basic 1962 wiring harness that was originally designed for a simple truck with no options. This was when even a heater was optional. They kept adding to the list of optional equipment over the next 10 years, and they just crudely plugged those options into the original 1962 harness if those options were ordered. By 1972, a fully-loaded Jeep was a mess of wires under the dash and stressed the original harness nearly to its limits without enough fuses or circuit breakers.

It was just due for revision. AMC updated the Jeeps in 1973-1974 to the same system that AMC cars had used since 1963. This system was designed from the start to handle every possible option and had a fuse panel with a labeled connection for every option. If the option was not ordered, that connection was simply left blank.

You don't have A/C. A 35A alternator is plenty for you unless you tow. In that case the optional 55A unit will drop right in place of your current one and be plenty sufficient for most trailers. I tow a 21-foot RV with tandem axle electric brakes using my 1972 Wagoneer with a 55A alt.

The original 2100 on these is a 1.08", 287 CFM version and is undersized. Later 360's use a 2150 of 1.21" and 351 CFM that is ideal size and also compensates its fuel mixture automatically depending on altitude (like EFI).

Installing it requires the thick phenolic spacer and gasket originally used on the 2150. The electric choke on the 2150 must be converted to a hot air choke using the choke assembly from the 2100. The external bowl vent, PCV fitting, and EGR fitting on the 2150 must be capped off and the external power valve vacuum connection hooked to a manifold vacuum source. The external bowl vent fitting on the 2150 sits too high for the 2100 air cleaner, so grind it down until the air cleaner clears.

Between replacing my 2100 with a 2150 and replacing my original 2" exhaust with a 2.5", I picked up about 20 horsepower on my 360 and run a 17.6 @ 76 MPH at my local drag strip. Not shabby for a 4200 pound box.
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